Truth Be Told

The truth that hurteth is that which I speaketh.
Few words I lament, and as they leave my lips am left with nothing but torment. No comment.
Honesty, the tough way out, to pick it is rare, and will always make them glare.
My life I want to spare, but with the truth I put it to tear. But is it fair, is it fair that  am on the hot chair with much to fear?
To the truth, I choose to obligate myself, but deep down I know its to gate myself in much to regret.
Perhaps, one day it will serve me the justice I dare to give it. Perhaps, in honesty I’ll find honour and better character.
Maybe things shall work out in a twist and maybe, just maybe, the peace I lose in exchange for truth shall someday be brought back to me much more intensely. Maybe truly taking risk will fix, not jinx.
What fate do I find in lies? More lies.
With truth, am yet to find out.



Explanation? Of course I have an explanation. You really think it was my intention. To keep causing commotion. Really? I have an obligation. An obligation, to me, you, them and the nation. So spare me the condemnation, and listen to my notion.

All this information is of importance not just some kind of promotion for mere attraction, so listen ’cause my words are a brewed concoction of emotion, my opinion and the world’s expectation. Isn’t it pathetic that I have to make an impression without entirely blowing things out of proportion. Like auction, am untagged with price, and my value is to be determined by a fraction of a person’s ambition and sometimes perversion.

Afraid to submit to submission but I have no selection,its that or nothing. See all this confusion, please give me some other option, something close to redemption.

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Well, I won’t tell you this story like in a nervous fourteen year old’s essay. I’ll take you to the exact time of death, the very moment I knew it was over, the precise second I saw my life stop in front of me. In that specific moment, it hit me softly, the act of living was not with me but behind me. I knew I would never se the sun come up again, oh its piercing rays, and that the only rain I could ever feel was that of sadness pouring down on me. No more dancing in the rain, no more singing to the whistle of the winds, no more annoying yet involving bird chirps, no more Sunday vibes.
Beyond the loss of joy and happiness life came with, beyond the sweet silver cloud lining, it wrecked that I could no longer cry and sob about the dark clouds, all the storms and all the mud, I could never feel the pain of loss and reject, the fear of love and that of heights. I tried to cry but no tear fell. Even my feelings had died to me.
And at that time how I wished to relive all the agony and all the betrayal, all the drama and all the unasked for pushes and kicks.
I missed the pain, I missed the rain.

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Its amazing to be an individual, but what’s more amazing is how none of us take the time to look at indivituality from an observer’s perspective. We have gotten so used to doing stuff to others we end up doing I to our own self…

On to the challenge,

🎈mention ten good/positive things about u in a list within a minute

📕mention one good/positive thing about u..take ur time on this one

🎀so what is it with us taking all negative labels? Take a v turn today, and choose to remind urself how awesome u are

🅱E$ ♈ of luck✔

Positive journey💫🔥


Inspired by an amazing lady, age is the only thing that has more to offer and quench than it can ever take away💡